Artist Statement

All of the paintings that I create are fully instinctual and are done “in the moment”.  Their inspiration comes from a myriad of my own life experiences.  Each begins in the depths of my soul and manifests itself onto the canvas or paper through the medium of oil paint or oil pastel, respectively. I work only one color at a time, much as a poet would so that each “line” eventually forms a completely iridescent stanza. I try to focus my energies and enthusiasm to achieve that which I feel cannot be taught. I am continually innovating my style so that it can be as unique and as authentic as my own fingerprints.

Music also plays a significant part of each moment that I paint.  I listen to a wide range of of music from classical, r&b/soul, salsa, hip-hop, and rock to music from different countries like Africa, India, Asia and Germany.   Music helps me to interpret movement and colors, it also brings my emotions to the surface making them more accessible and easier to translate into a painting. .  I also have a great appreciation for primitive sculptures, shapes, and ancient philosophical books.

Despite all of this,  Mother Nature reigns supreme as my greatest influence.  I spend a great deal of time exploring  her boundless creative genius that has been here since time immemorial. I am most fascinated by a sunrise near the ocean or a clear midnight sky. I love staring into the dark vastness lit only by a bright moon and stars.  Mother Nature keeps me extremely humble as an artist for I am well aware that I am only an infinitesimal fragment of her many wondrous works.    ~ Delilah Benitez